Scott Compton

Mailing Address:
1136 Howard Ave
San Francisco, CA 94103




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I asked some clients and colleagues to say nice things about me:

Chris Friden, Creative Director:

    “Scott offers a rare blend of artistic and professional talents. He is a visual artist, an editor, a musician, a researcher, an interviewer, a thinker, an
    entrepreneur, and a perfectionist. There is intelligence, curiosity, and
    humor in his work.

    He is warm, personable, and at ease in stressful situations.”

Bart Nagel, Photographer:

    “Scott is an enormously engaging fellow. Someone who speaks your language whether it’s CEO, inventor, scientist, artist, or deepthink nerd. He bridges the communication gap with a charming alacrity that’s sure to lure the subject into an enthusiastic conversation.

    It’s favored my dharma not only to work with him, but to observe him work with others. He’s the embodiment of esprit de corps and a fellow of infinite jest. Is this too over the top? I think not.”

David Pescovitz, writer/founder (www.boingboing.net):

    “For Scott, the process is the product and an open mind is the portal to success. His creativity, kindness, and mastery of his craft brings light and life to every project. Collaborating with him is an exhilarating ride into the unknown that always ends with a smile… and the audience’s applause. He puts vision into motion.”

Steve Pugh, Visual FX Producer (www.edenfx.com):

    “It’s a treat to work with a director capable of translating a vision into practical terms that my crew can work with.

    He’s also incredibly calm under pressure, which is a wonderful thing when the inevitable crunchtime comes around.

    Of course, his rugged good looks and strong, the hands are just icing on the cake.”

Wendy Rusk, Executive Producer:

    “Working with Scott is always a pleasure. It is rare to find someone who has such a strong skill-set combination. He welcomes collaboration, even at the 11th hour. He owns each project in a way that I’ve never seen before.

    Scott is also very tall.”