Shoot info: My Morning Jacket @Fox

On June 24, My Morning Jacket descended on Oakland’s historic Fox Theater for an epic performance in support of their majestic album, Circuital.

We made the scene on behalf of Boing Boing.  This is my third documentary alongside my friends David Pescovitz and Xeni Jardin, along with The Swell Season and The Decemberists. We’re happy to bring MMJ to the big little screen for Boing Boing Video. What follows are some notes about this project, and some sincere “Tipping of the Cap” to incredible artists that lent their talent.

About our time with the band:

We spent about 45 minutes interviewing the band. This is one of those happy stories where you meet your heroes and they are even cooler than you had hoped. They were unscripted, present, and exhibited a great esprit de corps both in the interview and onstage. I got the sense that they were appreciative of their fans. I’m an even bigger fan now and I hope the BB audience enjoys the extended 21 minute experience.

Thanks to MMJ road manager Eric Mayers for his collaborative spirit and of course the beautiful Fox Oakland theatre and Tony Leong of Another Planet Entertainment.

About the production:

MMJ like shows are legendary. Lighting Designer Marc Janowitz immerses the audience with an ultra-sophisticated blend of colors and shapes. The audience response to the sight/sound is emotional and visceral. I wanted to give the MMJ fan a sense of what it was like to be in the audience at the Fox in Oakland.

Every concert is covered by a countless smartphones, so we dialed up some talent. Starting with a call to friend and DP John Chater of Chater Camera. John got behind the project with his RED Epic rolling 4480x1920pixels at 120FPS. I think that John’s handheld, slo-mo footage at the front of the stage is incredible and a fresh look at the band.

Along with John, we filled the room with Canon HDSLRs. Louisville native and editor/cameraman Carson Porter and Photographer Bart Nagel, my longtime creative partner in crime answered the call. Our post team contributed greatly to the production. Colorist Ayumi Ashley handled data wrangling of the 6 cameras, while Remedy editor Jeff Boyette and Asst Joel White shot and did AC work.

About the post-production:

We had a combination of RED .r3d and Canon H264 footage to handle in post. It was a bucketful for certain. My company Remedy Editorial is primarily a Final Cut / After Effects shop, but since Apple stumbled with the release of FCPX, we thought this would be good opportunity to put Adobe Premiere 5.5 through it’s paces. Staff editor Jeffrey Boyette, who edited our previous BB video for the Decemberists, began the editorial without any hands on Premiere experience. He did a stellar job finding the story, and creating the visual flow of the 6 camera edit. Colorist Ayumi Ashley spent 3 days and did a beautiful job color matching and painting using DaVinci Resolve software. Big ups to MMJ sound recordist Ryan Dean for the music recording and mixer Marc Pittman for the final production mix.

To stay updated on our hijinks: Scott Compton (@SCremedy)(@remedyeditorial); John ChaterBart Nagel (@BartNagel); Carson Porter (@carsonp73); Ayumi Ashley (@ayumash); Eric Mayers (@Eric_Mayers);

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