Chuck Prophet – ¡Let Freedom Ring! Documentary Trailer

Chuck Prophet ¡Let Freedom Ring! Documentary Trailer from remedy editorial on Vimeo.

Songwriter/Musician Chuck Prophet and band travels to Mexico City to record his upcoming album, ¡Let Freedom Ring!. DF is a city high on a hill and full of 25 million contradictions. It is from this vantage point that Chuck looks backward on the state of the American Dream in his latest songs.

This trailer is on the upcoming documentary chronicling the adventure.

Filmmaker Scott Compton ( and DP John Behrens went along for the ride armed with Canon 5D MkII HD SLR cameras.

Amid power outages, earthquakes, corrupt police and swine flu hysteria on CNN, Chuck and band managed to plug in and roll tape on a old-school rock record that takes no prisoners.

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